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Messaria village


Mesaria is a quite big village at the center of the Santorini island, once a rich place as you can tell from the beautiful mansions, since in the 19th century it used to be the industry center of Santorini.

It remains a lively place until today with shops, restaurants, hotels and everything is needed to cater the needs of the local population and the tourists that stay or visit the village. There are vineyards around the village from which the excellent local wines are produced.

You can wander around the streets and squares of the village, experience the everyday life of the locals and visit the Argyros mansion which is a beautiful building with unique architecture.


Mesaria has a strategic position as it is located at a cross road that connects Fira with almost every place at the south part of the island!

The distance to Fira is only 3.5km, to Kamari is 5km and to Perissa is 10km.

 Buses run regularly all year round.

What’s around?

What's nearby

Art Space Santorini
1.5 km
Santorini Port
2.2 km
Museum of Prehistoric Thera
2.3 km
Central Bus Station
2.4 km
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
2.4 km
Archaeological Museum of Thera
2.8 km
Santorini Cable Car
2.8 km
Catholic Cathedral of Santorini
2.8 km
Megaro Gyzi
2.8 km
Monolithos Beach
3.5 km

Most popular landmarks 

4.4 km
4.6 km
Ancient Thera
5 km
Archaeological Site of Akrotiri
6.6 km
Red Beach
7.4 km
White Beach
8 km
Cape Columbo Beach
8.7 km
Naval Museum of Oia
9.6 km

Santorini Wine Museum

Located on beautiful Santorini, the Koutsoyannopoulos Wine Museum has everything a visitor would want to know about winemaking in one of the most unique places on earth. With the Koutsoyannopoulos family knowledge and historical exhibits, guests will get a glimpse of what life was like as a winemaker here.

This one of a kind museum happens to be nestled in a cave and because of its unique position this natural labyrinth is eight meters below ground and 300 meters long. It took our family twenty one years of hard work, patience, and perseverance to complete the wine museum in this remarkable location, but it was all worth it.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira

The Museum of Prehestoric Thera is one of the most important museums of Greece as it houses the findings belonging to one of the greatest regional civilizations of the prehistoric world. Given that the findings of Akrotiri are hosted in that museum, it is considered to be an outlier of the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

The excavations carried out at Akrotiri area brought to light a greatly developed centre of the ancient world which had bloomed within the Aegean Sea 3,600 ago, in the 17th century BC. The ancient city was buried under the volcanic pumice which was erupted by the volcano of Santorini. However, the pumice was a means of conservation for a great part of items like vessels and wall paintings which have survived in a pretty good condition even nowadays, witnessing the grandeur of the buried city.

Art Space Winery Musem Art Gallery

Art Space Winery Musem Art Gallery is a unique Art Center within the pumice rock – carved chambers of an old winery located in Exo Gonia, Santorini and continues from the year 1999 until today to stand as a hospitable retreat for all those Greek and foreign artisans who share the same passion for creativity.

In the 1861 old winery, representative works of art from the sphere of painting and sculpture are on display, offering visitors the opportunity to come close to contemporary Greek art and the course of artistic expression in Greece.

What is more, Art Space Winery continues regularly the traditional winemaking production includes in its premises a contemporary winery offering renowned products of high quality.

Our warm hospitality, modern amenities and personalized services

render us the perfect springboard to explore Santorini's charm.

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